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Connecting with Future Residents & Visitors

In the Chamber, there are countless requests for information about our community, economic outlook, services available and of course, where to eat and shop!  Moving forward into 2018, when we are asked for information, a questionnaire will be available for recipients to receive a tailored packet for their informational needs.

What this means for our members is you now have a DIRECT opportunity to provide the Chamber with materials you think will connect with a future resident or visitor.  From services available to special coupons for their visit, the sky is the limit for what you would like to offer or provide.

All Relocation/Information Packets will include the following:

  • Community Guide
  • Visitor’s Guide
  • City of Metropolis Snapshot
  • A History of Metropolis
  • Superman Celebration Information
  • Encampment Information
  • Archery Tournament(s) Information
  • Attractions, Things to Do

If you visit our new section,, you will see the questions listed.  Questions range from simple demographic information to specific requests such as information on financial services, medical services, secondary education and more.

As you are thinking of what to provide, please remember that these are mailed via the Post Office, so we would request only paper documents or very lightweight promotional materials.  Ask yourself, “What sets my business or service apart from everyone else?” and let that guide your promotional development.  *HINT: CUSTOMER SERVICE is not your unique selling position.  Exceptional customer service should be a given. Do you offer a customer guarantee that is different from your competition?  Do you have a specific product or margin you are able to provide that is unlike anyone else?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in this opportunity!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.  (618) 524-2714 or

-Amanda King

Executive Director, Metropolis Chamber of Commerce

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