Membership Benefits

Chamber members receive numerous advertising, networking, and strategic opportunities through a wide array of methods:

Online Advertising

Via our Website

Chamber members are listed on the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce website at Our website is visited daily by potential customers of area businesses. Whether they are considering visiting our area, moving to our area, or are just looking for a particular service provider or retail shop, the Chamber website is often the first place they look to for information.

Members receive a listing on our website that links to their website, Facebook page, or Google Maps location.

Via Email

The Chamber is a great source for getting information out quickly using our email list. If your are having a fundraiser or event and want to get information out to your fellow members, the Chamber of Commerce can send the info out quickly and efficiently. Email your flyer or information to the Chamber office and we will send it out to any member with an email address listed. We will also place your flyer on our community bulletin board.

Via Social Media

If you have a special offer, sale, or new merchandise, the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce Facebook page is a great place to advertise them. Even if you already have your own Facebook page or website, the Chamber’s page is available to members to share information and pictures about your services, store, or to advertise and upcoming event or sale. Our number of Facebook page likes is growing steadily, and it offers you an opportunity to reach potential customers immediately. The uses of social media such as Facebook are vast, and the Chamber is excited to explore all possibilities in reaching the public.

Referral Services

Every Day the Chamber receives a multitude of calls and visitors seeking information about local activities and events. They also receive inquiries from both tourists, locals, and those looking to relocate to the area about places to shop and companies that provide goods and services such as hardware, house painting, roofing, real estate, rental properties, and many more. By being a member of the Chamber, we are able to connect them with you by giving them information about your company. Being a member gives your business the Chamber’s Seal of Approval, meaning that we will happily refer prospective customers to you.

Onsite Advertising

Because the Chamber of Commerce also serves as a Welcome Center and community hub, it receives numerous visitors daily. Members are able to place brochures, flyers, and business cards in the Chamber which are made available to the public.

Co-Operative Advertising

Chamber members are given the opportunity to co-op advertising throughout the year. Businesses are able to advertise at a reduced rate by sharing the cost of print, radio, and even television advertisements. The Chamber has offered this opportunity for the past few years for the Christmas Open House community event.  At each participating Chamber business, customers may sign up to win a $100 Metro Dollar prize. (For more information on the Metro Dollar program, click here.)


Networking at Chamber events helps you meet potential customers, clients, and vendors.  Our monthly meetings, After Hours Mixers, Annual Golf Tournament, Cosmic Bowling Tournament and Annual Banquet, are just a few of the programs that provide great opportunities to get to know new people – and expand your prospect base.


There’s nothing more rewarding than volunteering your time and talent to make the community where you live and work a better place to live.  As a member of the Chamber, you will help sustain and in some cases, improve, the quality of life that you, your family and your employees enjoy.  Membership in the Chamber is an investment in your business and community’s future.

Continuing Education

The Chamber is working towards expanding its services to small business owners in our area.  Programs are being designed to help you start your business or help your business grow.  At the Chamber, you’ll get the tools you need to help your business prosper