Become a Metropolis Chamber member!

Our membership year runs from Oct. 1 – Sept. 31

A full year membership includes having an opportunity to be nominated to a board or executive board position.

Also includes being able to vote during monthly board meetings.

Each corporation, association, or organization holding membership will  designate and individual who will represent the member in all Chamber affairs.  Companies with 1-25 individuals will be entitled one representative.  Companies with 26-50 are entitled 2 full memberships, a company with 51 or more employees are entitled up to 3 full memberships.

Full year membership cost: 

1-10 employees $100

11-25 employees- $150

26-35 employees – $200

36-50 employees- $250

51-Up employees- $300


Associate Membership: $35  This includes an individual, non-business or not-for profit

While they are members of the Chamber, they can’t hold office positions or vote during regular business meetings.

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